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Pollinator Planter: Self Assemble

Pollinator Planter: Self Assemble

$ 60.00
Create your own backyard bee and pollinator refuge with Swarm's Pollinator Planter. Our planters are available in an easy self-assemble version.
The hex-shaped planters are versatile in the garden. They are made from durable Oregon cedar that is sustainably harvested. Each planter measures 2-foot diameter, 8 inches deep and 1 inch wide. 
When three or more Pollinator Planters are placed together they resemble a honeycomb! Order 3 and receive $20 off!
Planting tips: It's ideal for the bees and pollinators if you have blooms that provide pollen and nectar at different times of the year: spring, summer and fall. Our Bee Seeds blend contains a mix of pollinator-friendly seeds.
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