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Bee Culinary Salts

Bee Culinary Salts

$ 8.00

Edible flowers + herbs from Swarm's pollinator gardens are sun dried to create aromatic + flavorful seasoning salt blends. They're perfect additions to your culinary kitchen collection, and also are unique handmade gifts.

Bee Bouquet Flower Salt

The Bee Bouquet edible flowers are blended with pure Himalayan pink salt, which is rich in beneficial natural minerals. The bee-friendly flowers include: calendula, bee balm, lavender, rose, echinacea.

Sage + Lemon Balm Herb Salt

Swarm also handcrafts an herbal salt that features sun-dried sage + lemon balm from our pollinator garden.

We chose pink salt is harvested deep within the earth, it's free from environmental contaminants that are increasingly found in sea salt (micro plastic particles from ocean pollution).

The Salt Set is sold in a reusable linen bag. Each salt is also sold separately.